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Parche Disponible para A10

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Parche Disponible para A10 Empty Parche Disponible para A10

Mensaje por Josf Jue Mar 24, 2011 6:12 pm

Bueno, eso, un parche para la V final del A10
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Patch Items:

• Fixed some discrepancies and mismatches in the default input profiles.
• Fixed minor bugs in the Quick Start missions.
• Fixed AI target acquisition bug in the bad weather. AI aircraft should no longer perform multiple runs on target without weapons release.
• Fixed minor graphics glitches when flying through overcast.
• Fixed CTD in the GUI input panel caused by reassigning commands on the some joysticks.
• Two working smoke generators on the A-10C is now possible.
• Integrated “Make TXT” function to the input panel. This function will make a TXT file of all device profiles with player's input assignments.
• Added a new “TREES VISIBILITY” slider in the graphics option panel. It allows you to adjust trees visibility from 1,500 to 15,000 meters independently of visibility range option.
• Fixed background of rank promotion window.
• The minimum value of the THICKNESS slider for overcast is limited to 200 meters by reason of technological limitation.
• Fixed a bug with non moving ground vehicles at some conditions observed in the release.
• AI-fighter will now always try to launch AA missile when target has entered into non-escape envelope. However, AI-fighters will fire missile immediately if it appears the fighter is losing its first-launch superiority.
• In the ME, the speed value of the first point of a route will not reset after mission play in simulator.
• The night sights were removed from MANPAD SAMs.
• Fixed a bug with "Left Hydraulics Res" and "Left Hydraulics pressure" failure after repair.
• MWS on the A-10C will react to all missiles in the certain range, not only hostile.
• Increased range of LOD switching from 1,200 to 2,200 for Vasiani hangars.
• Added missing textures of Tunguska, Kub and Buk missiles.
• Master Caution will not active when starting an engine.
• Added missing green position light on the AH-1 Cobra.
• Adjusted oxygen mixture for high altitudes. The pilot will not suffer hypoxia during high altitude flight.
• Fixed incorrect animation sequence for M257 illumination rocket.
• After repair, the A-10C will not sink a bit into surface.
• Decreased indicated wrong range of the Avenger SAM.
• ME. Removed Aggressiveness option list from Advanced Panel - Action for preventing the conflict with “Reaction to Threat” options.
• ME. Added “Allow Abort Mission” point to the “Reaction to Threat” option list.
• Corrected some parking positions and shelters in the Vasiani airbase.
• ME. Weapon combo box works properly if "Attack Group" and "Attack Unit" both present in the same waypoint.
• Fixed length of hint fields with hyphenation.
• The birds slider will work now.
• Adjusted munitions expenditure per target calculation for AI aircraft.
• Corrected some mission in the campaigns.
• At mission saving the scenes option will be taken from the mission options not player options.
• MP. Fixed jitter of client’s aircraft flaps at cold start.
• MP. Fixed crash causing by bug in the datalink.
• Fixed bugs in the debriefing log filters.
• MP. Fixed crash with mixing 32 and 64 bit clients.
• Fixed crash with jettison weapon in the Game mode.
• Fixed JTAC Single player Radio comms crash.
• Fixed some issues with the radio communication menu.
• Fixed CTD at attempt to save mission in a game system folder.
• ME. The template units can be dragged now.
• Fixed the rain effect.
• Fixed landing gear of the Mi-8 3D model.
• Intensity knob on the A-10C UFC is working now.

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Parche Disponible para A10 Empty Re: Parche Disponible para A10

Mensaje por Gupyzer0 Jue Mar 24, 2011 8:36 pm

si tan solo alguno de nosotros volara dcs a-10 ... a ver quien podria mover esto algun dia.

Yo no puedo pues necesitaria una computadora nueva...

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