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X-plane 10

Mensaje por Josf el Mar Ago 17, 2010 11:26 am

Esta a mesesitos de lanzarse la nueva cara de X-plane, que a mi parecer, le va a dar una buena patada a Microsoft y le tapara la boca a todos esos bocones que hablan sin probar Razz

Pues si señores, X-plane 10 ya esta en sus últimos retoques y se viene con cosas como estas:

El video muestra algunos de los aviones que vendrán esta vez Twisted Evil



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Re: X-plane 10

Mensaje por Welnio el Mar Ago 17, 2010 12:39 pm

Ojala sea una mejora, por que ayer probe x-plane 9 y la verdad es mas simple respecto a controles pero 11GB para no tener ni siquiera el aeropuerto internacional de la aurora??!! ni loco... me ah decepcionado pero debo darle otra oportunidad en el transcurso de esta semana
Piloto recién salido
Piloto recién salido

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Re: X-plane 10

Mensaje por Josf el Mar Ago 17, 2010 12:53 pm

Por Ts vamos a hacer que te guste... wajajajjajaa Twisted Evil



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Re: X-plane 10

Mensaje por Josf el Miér Ago 18, 2010 2:50 pm

Mejoras de X-plane 10:
Alguien se tomo la libertad de transcribir un video, en el Cual el creador de X-plane expone en una conferencia las novedades de X-plane 10

En resumen, se preveen muchos cambios en el simulador en cuanto a
- Nuevo sistema de ATC
- Tráfico en aeropuertos con procedimiento de aterrizaje, taxi descarga de pasajeros, etc.
-Nuevas texturas
-Aviones más producidos renovando casi que por completo la colexión que traía hasta ahora
-Nuevos sistemas de GPS y radares,
-Mejoras en el refuel
-Posibilidad de múltiples monitores con cabinas 3D
-Efectos de Luz y gráficos nuevos y mejores.
-Mejor control de la meteorología, niebla volumétrica
-Se tocará un poquito más el modelo de vuelo, pero solo un 5%

Y se preparan mcuhas cosas interesantes para las actualizaciones como son, la posibilidad de usar IPads como paneles, en los cuales, mediante pantalla tactil activar o desactivar interruptores, instrumentos, etc.
Un centro de descarga que permita descargar los escenarios de modo automático sobre la zona que se piensa volar
y la verdad que habían muchas cosas más e interesantes como, que se le esta informando a las empresas como adaptar sus productos de Microsoft flight simulator a X-plane y que amplíen su mercado.
Más y más, lean abajo y traduzcan con google si quieren

An Edited Transcript by vonhinx of Austin Meyer's Comments Extracted from a Conference Video of the X-Plane 10 Congress, France


Austin mostly sits facing the camera with his MacBook Pro alongside a joystick and projector on his desk. Around him in U-formation are desks with the organizers and guests for the Second Congress. For the most part the projector screen behind is completely glared-out; there's nothing worth seeing. Addressing a mostly foreign audience, he speaks very slowly and clearly. This is not the Austin projected by his usually over-the-top writing style. The audio in the room is bad; echoes mask the speech of the guests. The video starts with annoying loud music and titles before Austin's voice fades in mid-sentence at roughly 26 seconds.

"... but Ben Supnik, Alex Gifford, Chris Serio, Javier Rollon, and Tom Kyler are all working very hard on aircraft for X-Plane 10, for ATC for X-Plane 10, and a grand, new meteo [system] for X-Plane 10.

"I can show you a few of the airplanes we have for X-Plane 10. This is the new Space Shuttle that we have for X-Plane 10. It is a little bit hard to see the detail on this dim projector [nothing shows in video] but you can begin to see the incredible detail that the airplanes will have. And this is the level of detail that we will have very possibly for all of our airplanes.

"So what we will really make perfect will be then ... an amazing Space Shuttle, amazing X-15 dropped from B-52 with much more realistic aircraft. Okay so here's a look at the B-52 which we can use to drop the X-15 - again, an incredible level of detail. [We can see nothing]

"The aereo model is fine now in version 9. We are not changing the aereo model and we are not doing a 3-D cockpit for the B-52 since we see the B-52 from the outside when we are dropped in the X-15. The B-52 is somewhat interesting because... The same flight model as always.

"We have the Cessna 400, with me inside. Yes, this is exactly like my real airplane - amazing. We do not have G-1000 right now but I hope to add G-1000 for X-Plane10. The first time I saw this airplane in X-Plane I thought I was having an out-of-body experience."

Responding to a comment about a copilot

"[I want to] add her next. I was not married when the airplane project was started, but now I can send the airplane back to the author and have him add Lane on the right side of the cockpit.... She won't mind.

"Extremely realistic. I can also show you an amazing new airplane that Javier [sic?] has created ... an SR-71 that is simply stunning. And you might remember that the B-52 and the SR-71 in X-Plane 9 are very, very boring; very minimal; very plain. But we are taking all of these airplanes up to this amazing new level." [Problems with the demo]

On a suggestion about including a U2:

"Yes, perhaps we can add a U2 so you can fly the SR-71 and the U2 and they both have the same altitude but are completely opposite to fly. That is a great idea. ... Okay, email that to me, will you? And it will certainly have the flexing wings. Just like a real SR-71 - look at that!

"We are going to have an incredible KC-10 to refuel the F-22 and we need to make sure that the KC-10 as well can refuel the SR-71. We will have air-to-air refuelling that is very good as well. And the KC-10 will be the same quality as the B-52 so it will look just like the real airplane from outside.

"The opposite of the SR-71 ... this was done by Massimo Durando and he did it without telling me, and then he showed it to me and said, 'Would you like to include it?' So I said, 'Okay.' But, there was no plan in this at all but it's a real model - very, very good 3D."

[Probably some Cessna Corvalis excursion from the flight envelope]

"There you go, okay. So, in X-Plane 10 I have improved the dynamics of the spin and the stall a bit. So the high angle of attack of the spin and stall may be a little bit better.

"And then, of course, if you have followed my design, this is clearly experimental - a very simple model. This is the X-1 drop... [Demo problem]

"Oh, you see, it can also happen to me.

"So these airplanes that you saw: the B-52, the Bird Dog, the Cessna... this is the quality of airplane that we will have in X-Plane 10. New meteorology, new weather, new Air Traffic Control.... And all new scenery: new DSFs, with new pixel-shaders to render fog and sunlight and rain; with a wonderful rendering on top of the new DSFs; wIth a new airplane while talking to a fully interactive Air Traffic Control; X-Plane 10 will be a whole new experience. But we will only change the flight model five-percent; just a little bit.

"And, of course, all of the existing airplanes and scenery files will work. So we will get a whole new experience but we will not lose the DSF sceneries and airplanes that we have now. ... So we get a whole new experience without any loss and very little risk. ... So I'm excited about X-Plane 10 but it is taking a very long time because of the Apple iDevices that [are worked on]. But we have five to six people working full time even while I travel. And that is what I can show you now. If anyone has any questions....


"For Christmas. ... Hopefully Santa will bring many X-Planes. It will be ready so that Santa Claus can pick it up well in advance of Christmas. ... It will be ready before December 23rd."


"Ah, the Dornier 328.... There is a Dornier-328 and a McDonnell Douglas MD-80 made by Sergio, and Tom Kyler is attaching all the gauges, and flight [bits] and datarefs so that Sergio's incredible artwork, with Tom Kyler's amazing datarefs and detail and plugins will get a Dornier-328 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 that are incredibly detailed; not just good-looking like the B-52 but incredibly functional."


"I don't know exactly; maybe 10.1? For Version 10.0, with new scenery, airplanes, DSF, weather, Air Traffic Control, we can deliver an incredible experience to many thousands of people. For the more particular details: the FMS, G-430 (Garmin-430), Garmin-1000... these types of details for more professionals, they might be 10.1. That way we can deliver 99-percent of the entertainment rapidly, and get the remaining one-percent, or ten-percent, of the accuracy for the enthusiasts shortly afterwards."

On a question about the traffic on airports:

"The traffic? The trucks on the ground or the airplanes in the air? I can give you half of what you want for 10.0. A new Air Traffic Control made by Chris Serio... Yes, the other airplanes will follow these instructions: from taxi, takeoff, fly, land, taxi-in, go to [the] gate, disembark passengers; the airplanes will follow the instructions of the Air Traffic Control for the entire planet. So you will see them taxiing to follow the flight from one airport to another [as you fly]. We will have this in 10.0. However, we might get the trucks - the baggage trucks, the fuel trucks - to drive around for 10.2."

On a question about a light version of X-Plane for those upgrading from legacy versions and a suggestion to perhaps make that for the iPad:

"Yes... perhaps they should get the iPad - that is a good idea. Many times people ask me X-Plane Pro and X-Plane Basic. Many people ask but it seems to add a lot of complexity to the product line for very little gain. Somehow it does not seem... it is as if Laminar Research will do twice the work so that half the customers will only learn half as much. Is this what I want to do? I don't think so."

On a question about usability:

"If anyone can tell me exactly how to make the user interface more friendly without losing flexibility, so that people from Microsoft can easily learn to use X-Plane, please tell me how to make the user interface more friendly and maybe I can do it. But we must now lose our own flexibility with your suggestion. ... A better user interface is more valuable to the simulation community than a version of X-Plane with less power."

On a question about the manual:

"We do have a manual but it always seems the manual is a little bit older than the simulator."

On a question about multiple monitors:

"We can do this now. One X-Plane can have a cockpit that is a 3D cockpit across three-monitors; no problem. Right now this is possible...."

[Much banter about what the question is about]

"I see, I do not currently have planned. However, I do believe that we need to make X-Plane 2D details to be be easily designable and runnable at 2048 by 2048 so you can get a large 2D panel (2048 by 2048) and display that in one computer with three monitors to get a high detail instrument panel, but I do not plan to drag bits of the panel to other monitors."

On a question about flattening terrain and scenery tools:

"Ben Supnik creates the terrain... I will ask him if we can include this...."

On what is Ben Supnik working on:

"New DSF files where I have required for Ben that I'm only happy with the DSF files if they meet the following requirements: Every bit of scenery must be plausible. There cannot be a texture with a road drawn on the texture and then a real road going across it at a crazy angle. There cannot be a house that is drawn across a road on a texture. In other words, I cannot guarantee that the world [will be] exactly like reality but I do require - to be happy with Ben - that a person looking at the scenery cannot see anything that looks like a problem. And this is a fascinating problem because we cannot have city textures with roads and parking lots because the buildings would not be in the right place or the roads would not run in the right directions across the texture.

"So we build the cities from the very smallest blades of grass. We start with a grass texture; build the roads, the parking lots, the sidewalks the buildings, the signs, the trees, the bushes.... We build every city from the first blade of grass for this to work. It sounds like a simple thing to say I do not want bugs in the rendering but in reality we are building entire worlds from the tiniest detail so that there can never be an error. There is no city texture... no city textures."


"[It's] plausible, with artificial textures and carefully auto-generated DSFs with a huge amount of artificial intelligence and a huge number of databases, will generate a world which has no rendering errors. Is this completely accurate? Maybe not, but from looking at it, you cannot see a road going across a house tile.

"That is a requirement: a world that looks real - and a world that looks real with pixel shaders; with rain, fog, snow, and ground fog sitting down low in the valleys; and shafts of sunlight, and volumetric fog where you can zoom out to see a weather pattern across the entire South East United States - or all of Paris - with no repetitions in weather; that will give us the tiniest detail of a sidewalk on the grass in front of a building that is accurately generated, and lets you zoom out to orbit to see entire nations without repeating weather."

[There's no drink on Austin's desk, and he could use one now]

"So we use all artificial intelligence and databases and a lot of [map?] for a plausible world. [Looks under table for a drink.] And these are the building blocks that will let X-Plane 10 be a world that feels like it could be real. Then, for X-Plane 11, 12, 13, 14, 15... it is simply a matter of refining closer and closer to the real world using the same technology of X-Plane 10."

On a question about tools:

"Ben Supnik would have to answer that question."

On a question about Marginal's whereabouts and Blender script:

"I think Jonathan Harris... he seems to disappear sometimes. We cannot always find him. I do not know why he did that but moving forwards, we are absolutely always trying to embrace all Microsoft flight-sim developers to tell them how to easily convert ... Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft and sceneries ... convert all of that to X-Plane. It is very important for people to easily convert from Microsoft Flight Simulator to X-Plane, and to generate aircraft and scenery packs for X-Plane. I think this is extremely important. But as for the details on how that gets done I have to say that you need to talk to Ben because Ben does the scenery creation."


"That is true. It is getting more difficult to make new scenery and airplanes as the standards always go higher. What I would love to see would be a scenery library where there is a model of the world with all the custom sceneries, and anyone may upload any custom scenery to any area, and anyone may vote [as to how many] stars they give the scenery, and there's a continuous internet connection between this database and your copy of X-Plane so that the best scenery is always downloaded for anywhere you fly. And anyone on earth can make all the scenery they like, and, as well, perhaps attach a small price in Euros or dollars to each little bit of download.

"That it is exactly like building apps for the iPhone, except now it is building scenery for X-Plane. And we'll simply watch the world become more and more realistic over time as each person contributes the scenery they wish to contribute. I do not think we can have this ready for version 10.0 but it is something I would love to have done - so that you'll simply go to user interface in X-Plane, check what you want to download (and you'll want X-Plane to take the best scenery for anywhere you fly) for the maximum amount of dollars you want to spend. I don't know, but an interface where anyone can upload, charge what they like, and download so a model of the world is built by the users over time, and can only get better over time. That to me really [unintelligible 48:27]."

On a question probably about Sergio and auto-generated airport scenery:

"Sergio has had problems with his health. So we are not even asking him for anything. His health is most important. So we are doing incredible work but we are not pushing pressure on Sergio. Sergio may make [more] scenery and airplanes if he likes but we are not asking him right now to finish anything that he started [for version 10]. ... Those decisions are for Sergio, not me...."

On a question about custom startup screens made from screenshots:

"It must be possible, yes, it must be possible. We have not thought of this. It sounds plausible. Does he require that the camera takes a picture and that is all? Or is he willing to find his own screenshot, copy/paste/rename and put the file...?"

[Banter probably about uploading a picture of the user as an avatar or even live for online flights subject to preferences]

"With X-Plane 10 there will be more weather being processed in the background. There will be more scenery loaded in the background. There will be a greater benefit to having two or four cores... because all four cores will be running around changing scenery, loading scenery, changing weather, figuring out how to plot the clouds.... The more processors you have the better off you will be.

"This is similar to what we have right now. Right now, extra processors load scenery in the background. Moving forward, it will become more and more important to have multiple processors, but I am doing X-Plane development on my Macintosh that is three or four years old right now, an old quad-core intel, and I do not know if there will be a new desktop Macintosh before X-Plane 10 comes out. So I do not see any system requirements changing, but the more cores you have the better [off] you will be."

On a question about 32 versus 64bit computing:

"Ben wants to make the conversion to 64bit very, very slowly, so that no existing computer stops working. So he is going to make it so that more and more things can be done in 64 - and 32bit - and then five years from now we finally remove the 32bit when no one else is using it, and so nobody even sees the transition."

On a question about talking to Apple about its drivers:

"Apple do not like me to talk about anything about Apple but I can say that we are always working with Apple, with ATI, with Nvidia, all the companies we can, to let them test X-Plane on their computers and their video cards to improve their drivers. And certainly we have delivered test versions of X-Plane to all of the major, exciting companies.

"If you look at the comments of the source code of the Nvidia drivers, there are comments where they mention things that they must not change because those things must remain as they are to work with X-Plane. So X-Plane is in the comments of the Nvidia source code."

On a question about measuring propeller pitch:

"Many aircraft manufacturers or propeller manufacturers measure the pitch at 75-percent [of the blade], but I use 100-percent to be completely clear about exactly where the pitch is."

On a question about seasonal scenery textures:

"This... I have wanted to do this for eight years. But new scenery textures involve Ben Supnik, Sergio Santagada, Alex Gifford, and approval by me. Trying to get four [sic] people to make such a radical change, and quadruple the amount of textures we make would [mean] a huge delay in shipping the product....

"I would say that Laminar Research would be happy to make it easy for anyone to drop in their own texture sets for some different seasons. We will try to make that easy but if we do all the seasons ourself this would delay 10.0 for another six months."

On a question about iPhone and iPad:

"So the interesting point is that iPad and the iPhone is probably 80-percent of our profits. iPhone and iPod will not change a lot because we already use 95-percent of their resources. But with iPad there is room for development. Apple has allowed users to import and export files on the iPad. So aircraft and scenery, custom development, may be possible on the iPad. Already, Plane Maker for desktop exports the airplanes that I put into iPad. Therefore in our future, I believe the Plane Maker that all of you have may be able to export aircraft for iPad. And we might be able to do the same for scenery so that it is possible that we have aircraft and scenery custom creation on iPad to really expand [X-Plane for] iPad, but the iPod and iPhone are kind of like red-line for now."

On a question about using the iPad as a second screen:

"An excellent idea, and I will do this. Right now you can use an iPod as an external mount(?) or instrumental panel for X-Plane - this is possible now. X-Plane Remote, I think, is the name for the app. Doing the same thing for iPad is natural, and then maybe this is a great way to do the G-1000 or G-430, so that people that build their own simulators can have giant X-Plane scenery [gesture indicating a wide-screen overhead display] and G-1000, G-430 [indicating side-by-side] with iPad on their home-built screens [indicating desk in front of user], touching to use the G-1000 like you would use a real one.

"Imagine how easily you could build a home-built simulator when your iPads let you create any own instrument panel, including Garmin-1000s, and with touch-screens you can touch buttons to use those instruments. I have the framework in place for this program now; I just don't have the details."

Response to a joke:

"Wait.... The MD-80 has the galley where the food is prepared in extremely high detail... so yes."

On some question about moving or zooming maps, or even GMap in the cockpit:

"Javier...? I do not know what would be involved in doing that. My priority is to replicate the instruments of the real moving map of Airbus and Boeing; the real primary and secondary flight displays; the real ECAM; the real EFIS... that is a higher priority than importing images from Google. But again, that sounds like a very good point."

On a question about terrain radar or terrain-following:

"We have this now, in version 9. I do not know if the F-22.... There is an auto-pilot that you can add to the instrument panel in X-Plane 9 that is a terrain-following autopilot mode. I haven't tested it in a while; I do not know if it is in any of the airplanes that ship with X-Plane, but the autopilot mode does exist. The button is something that you can select ion Plane Maker to add to any aircraft you like, and it does terrain-following." [Attempts to find and add button to 2D panel in his laptop]

On further clarification of the question:

"Oh, you mean the autopilot but the screen. Oh, okay... For the Dornier I think we have a side view of of your flight path that shows, I think, the terrain and the fixes in the profile case, but it is not a terrain-following radar; it shows the profile view of your flight with elevations.

"Sure, after we're done show me what you have and I will tell you if it's possible." [Must be talking about radar terrain-display, which Austin seems unwilling to acknowledge or discuss.]

On a question about what makes the new features possible:

"Time and money. I have hired three people that are amazingly good, and given them a year to work very hard at whatever rate they charge."

On a question about post-launch rollout of future improvements a la X-Plane 9:

"Very few of those improvements are needed because we have been rolling [out] these improvements into the end of version 9, sometimes in secret to test new features to make sure that they are ready for version 10. So we are not needing to add very many features to make these few aircraft. The plugins, the ability to export models from Ac3d; these are the technologies that we already have in X-Plane 9 that let us create the amazing airplanes for X-Plane 10. But things like bump maps, and aircraft that shadow themselves, and different degrees of reflection of light off the airplane, these are the things we are putting in now."

On specular and reflection maps:

"Yes, and this is the type of thing that Ben is working on right now. Yes, the airplanes in X-Plane 10 should be completely self-shadowed. And... I am not sure about every detail of shadowing and lighting, but there are many more technologies including bump-maps, self-shadowing, various reflections... so that natural [light] reflects very well and looks metallic. These are the types of things we are putting into 10."

On adding another UV channel:

"Email that to Ben. He should take care of that. He always does what he wants; it doesn't matter what I want. But if you ask him there's a good chance he will... uh, you can get that in [smiles sadistically] as that is also his part of the work."

[Video ends and presumably they all head out to eat and drink crushed grapes] Very Happy



Mensajes : 4023
Reputación : 64
Fecha de inscripción : 04/03/2010
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Re: X-plane 10

Mensaje por Josf el Miér Sep 22, 2010 9:25 am

Otro video con algunos de los aviones que traerá X-plane 10 Question